There is a growing interest among practitioners and within the scientific community in exploring the interrelation between history learning and human rights education. The idea behind the handbook is to further develop existing inspiring practices and to make them available for a wider audience.

The handbook aims to introduce educators in history learning and human rights education to exploring the  past century and the present using a combined educational approach.

In order to do so, the core elements of history learning and human rights education as well as their interrelation will be analysed and reflected upon. Based on this analysis, suggestions for further developing the combined approach will be generated and published in the handbook for education professionals.

Martin Lücke, Felisa Tibbitts, Else Engel, Lea Fenner (Ed.) (2016): Change Handbook for History Learning and Human Rights Education for Educators in Formal, Non-Formal and Higher Education.

208 p., ISBN 978-3-7344-0390-3 (Print), ISBN 978-3-7344-0391-0 (PDF)

The handbook is now available and can be purchased directly from the publisher, via online portals and at your local bookstore!

We are happy to be able to make chapter 3 and 4 (PDF, 4,613 KB) on the Change approach and practical tools for combining history learning and human rights education available online for free.