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Change Handbook for History Learning and Human Rights Education

What is the CHANGE concept?

CHANGE is an aspect we identified as central to both history learning and human rights education. Hence the project title.

On the one side, identifying change and creating awareness for change in societies over time are core objectives of history learning. On the other side, human rights education is regarded as essential for creating change in present societies in order to respect the dignity and human rights of every human being.

The identification of, and awareness for change in the past seems an incomplete justification for why people should teach and learn about history. Creating change seems impossible without the realisation that societies are constantly changing and the awareness of the history of human rights, and the fight for their realisation. Connecting the learning objectives of both history learning and human rights education is therefore not only legitimate but essential.

Our approach is to use the common ground of CHANGE and to make the case for a meaningful and balanced combination of the principles, objectives and methods of history learning and human rights education.

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